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Who we are and what we do?

The massive recent changes in pension legislation have turned pensions on their head. Defined Benefit (Final Salary) Schemes are now at a distinct disadvantage compared to the flexibilities of some other schemes, so it is imperative that you review your UK pensions to ensure you maximise the benefits you and family will receive.

UKPensionGuru will guide you through the changes and how they will affect you and your family, advise on how to secure and protect your pensions for your loved ones, avoid punitive UK taxes on the pension, lumpsum and Lifetime Allowance and take control of your pension asset.

The Q&A below is to help answer the burning questions you have, but please do not hesitate to contact UKPensionGuru for guidance on your particular situation, as we are here to help.

For UK Pensions Q&A, click here  

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Contact details

Rue Arnold-Winkelried 6 (4th floor), CH-1201, Geneva,Switzerland

+41 (0)79 89 151 34

Contact us

Get in touch now by sending us a message below or by calling us on
+41 (0)79 89 151 34

Find out more about how your personal data is used in our privacy policy.