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Clive Skane-Davis

More information about the UK Pension Guru

Impartial and independent advice on UK Pension Guru is provided by Clive Skane-Davis DipPFS. EFA.

Clive is a consummate UK Pensions professional with 34 years’ experience in the UK pensions market. Clive first qualified as a regulated financial adviser (IFA) in the UK in 1995 and now holds the full Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Diploma in Financial Planning.

Certified qualifications include:-
CII Diploma in Financial Planning – 2011
CII Pensions Simplification - 2005
CII UK Pensions & Retirement Planning (RO4) - 2010
CII Personal Taxation (JO1) - 2010
CII Financial Planning Advice (RO6) – 2011
CII Financial services: Regulation & Ethics (RO1) – 2011
CII Financial Planning Certificate 1 - 1995
CII Financial Planning Certificate 2 - 1995
CII Financial Planning Certificate 3 - 1995

UK Pension Guru advises International clients world-wide from its offices in Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland, and provides a friendly and professional service.  

  • Your UK pensions are under attack!

    Do not be under any delusions. Your UK pensions are under a fierce and extended attack from the Government. However, you do have options to protect your pensions and secure your asset. You need to be proactive and contact us for a advice.

    Find out more, click here!  

  • Pension Questions

    The Q&A below is to help answer the burning questions you have. but please do not hesitate to contact UK UK PensionGuru for guidance on your particular situation as we are here to help.

    Click here to view the questions  

  • Want to know more?

    Click one of the buttons below to get in touch!

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More schemes will need to be bailed out as occupational schemes continue to deteriorate, it's like a slow speed train crash, there's a huge hole to fill. Alan Rubenstein, Chief Executive of the PPF

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Contact details

Rue Philippe Plantamour 20, CH-1201, Geneva,Switzerland

+41 (0)79 89 151 34

Contact us

Get in touch now by sending us a message below or by calling us on
+41 (0)79 89 151 34

Find out more about how your personal data is used in our privacy policy.