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March, 14, 2018

Regulation Street

In a world of ever-increasing rules and regulations it is important to ensure that the financial advice you receive is of the highest standard, properly regulated and compliant.

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Regulation Street Image

February, 16, 2017

CANADA closed to UK pension transfers!

Residents of Canada that hold UK pensions can no longer transfer those pensions to any Canadian pension after HMRC deregistered the last Canadian schemes this week.

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CANADA closed to UK pension transfers! Image

November, 09, 2016

Should I transfer my UK Defined Benefit Pension to QROPS or SIPP?

The spiraling deficits of the 5,945 UK Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes are widely reported. PwC put the latest deficit at an eye watering £710 billion after Brexit forced Gilts to historic lows and piled more misery on the 84% of UK Pension funds that are in trouble.

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Should I transfer my UK Defined Benefit Pension to QROPS or SIPP? Image

October, 25, 2016

Successfully Secure Your Irish Pension

After the problems that Irish pensions have faced over the last few years with rising deficits, levies and broken promises, it is a great relief to some of our clients that we have been able to successfully secure their Irish pensions into International pensions that bear no levy.

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Successfully Secure Your Irish Pension Image

September, 20, 2016

No State Pension!

A recent change in UK pension rules could mean that some people receive no State Pension when they retire.

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No State Pension! Image

August, 15, 2016

UK Pension Brexit Update

The recent UK vote to leave the EU has caused UK pensions significant problems and pushed the spiralling pension debt to uncharted territory. However, for those living abroad with pensions still frozen in the UK it has opened up some major opportunities.

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UK Pension Brexit Update Image

More schemes will need to be bailed out as occupational schemes continue to deteriorate, it's like a slow speed train crash, there's a huge hole to fill. Alan Rubenstein, Chief Executive of the PPF

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